Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Whether you feel completely confident in your bare skin, or like to use makeup to help you enhance your features, I'm sure you'll agree after watching this video just how incredible the power of makeup is!

I had wanted to film this makeup tag for a really long time because I absolutely love the concept and I think you will too!  In The Power of Makeup I apply makeup to only one half of my face and leave the other side bare so you can really see the power makeup has.

I filmed this for a multitude of reasons - to show just how incredible a few products are (the foundation I'm using at the moment is insanely good), but primarily because I wanted to get the message across that it is okay to wear makeup.

I feel like a lot of girls are currently being shamed for wearing makeup and this makes me really sad!  I personally feel more 'myself' in makeup than I do bare skinned.  When I wear makeup I feel confident, beautiful and especially as someone who has suffered with acne, I know how important having a good self esteem is!

At the same time, I whole heartedly agree with the fact that you should embrace and love your imperfections; they are after all what makes you, you.  Girls who are confident in their bare skin are the happiest and so slowly I'm still learning to love myself fully, spots and all.

I really hope you enjoy this video.  If you've filmed this tag then let me know, I'd love to see yours!

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